What is the SAFETY ACT?

refinery-zoomQuality Plus Engineering has received full SAFETY Act coverage from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for its Critical Infrastructure Protection: Forensics, Assurance, Analytic® services using Value Added Auditing® and other anti-terrorist technologies.  The designation of Q+E’s as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology and its certification as an Approved Product of Homeland Security provides liability protection to Quality Plus Engineering and its anti-terrorism technology customers in the event of a terrorist act.  See US DHS Certificate of Conformance.

“SAFETY Act designation and certification are critical milestones for Quality Plus Engineering as the Department of Homeland Security has recognized our technology,” said Greg Hutchins – Q+E Principal Engineer.  “Our customers will also benefit as they are extended the same liability protection when deploying Q+E’s anti-terrorism technologies and assurance services.”

Passed by Congress as part of the Homeland Security Act, the SAFETY (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies) Act provides incentives for the development and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies for homeland security and helps ensure that the threat of liability does not deter the development of technologies that could significantly reduce the risks and effects of a terrorist act.

Quality Plus Engineering anti-terrorism technologies provide consulting, assurance, analytical, and forensics services for US critical infrastructure including:

+  Cyber Security.
+  Chemicals.
+  Hazardous materials.
+  Energy.
+  Food.
+  Transportation and shipping.
+  Water treatment.