Supply Chain Management

Q+E team offers the following ‘value added’ capabilities:

+ Deep quality management experience in electric power generation and transmission,
+ Global T/D test, inspection, and quality capabilities
+ Extensive supply management experience
+ Extensive supplier risk management experience
+ Extensive project management capabilities
+ Varied process management experience and methodologies

Quality + Engineering (Q+E) offers a number of value-added benefits to clients to manage their suppliers.  Q+E works with its clients to:

+ Develop and deploy a proven 5-year quality management plan that enhances supplier quality capabilities
+ Support customer’s supplier evaluation, qualification, and certification program
+ Achieve high stakeholder/customer satisfaction
+ Assist customer to move from product inspection to defect prevention
+ Assist customer to move from a product to a process orientation
+ Increase customer management confidence of supplier quality products
+ Develop a clear and understandable framework for project managing supplier quality through test, inspection, and evaluation
+ Achieve the optimum level of supplier/subsupplier quality for invested dollar
+ Scale supplier quality to meet client’s changing construction project and process level requirements
+ Achieve adherence to standards, specifications, and requirements
+ Maintain programmatic and project consistency and quality
+ Establish and maintain supplier quality checks and risk balances
+ Emphasize open coordination, communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution
+ Standardize supplier process and product quality