Supplier Test & Evaluation

Quality + Engineering has extensive history managing and conducting a variety of tests, including NDT, destructive, mechanical, electrical, and dimensional.  Q+E has partnered with national (NRTLs) and primary laboratories, such as AGAQ Laboratories to develop testing standards and specifications, such as in the electric power and oil/gas industry.

Q+E partners with Moody International.  Moody International has global product test and evaluation capabilities to conduct supplier test and evaluation.  Q+E provides first party, second party, or third party testing.  Or, Q+E can witness tests and/or can evaluate supplier/subsupplier’s testing effectiveness.

Q+E developed and followed a proven test and evaluation methodology.   Q+E believes that the success of any testing is based on accurate specifications and procedures that detail critical testing steps.  Q+E developed standard checklists and forms for evaluating testing and inspections.

Standardization and proceduralization are key elements of the testing and evaluation model.  Once, test plan, procedures, and work instructions are developed, then they can be reviewed by engineers to ensure consistent application, which is a hallmark of quality.

Q+E works with the client to develop a workable and robust test and evaluation procedure, deploy this and report back to the client with the results.  The following is a proven successful method for specifying, measuring, monitoring, and improving supplier/subsupplier testing and evaluation:

+ Ensure accurate product and process specifications are developed
+ Define and classify product characteristics
+ Review inspection instructions and test plans
+ Ensure proper measurement and test equipment are calibrated
+ Evaluate sampling system
+ Ensure test instructions are written
+ Assure testing personnel are properly training and/or certified
+ Monitor and verify testing is properly conducted
+ Ensure that continuous quality improvement is pursued