Q+E Inspection Approach

Quality + Engineering (Q+E) has extensive and intensive experience developing, conducting and evaluating inspection plans for risk, appropriateness, and effectiveness.  Q+E works with client quality Managers to develop specific approaches and techniques that provide the appropriate level of assurance based on the supplier’s capabilities, customer risk profiles, and commodity use.

Q+E works with the client to develop the appropriate statistical sampling approach between 100% inspection to statistical inspection based on appropriate acceptable quality levels (AQLs).  Q+E develops an inspection approach between 100% to statistical sampling.

In 100% sampling, an inspector checks, inspects, or tests all products in a shipment, lot, or batch.  One hundred percent sampling inspection is usually performed to comply with government regulations, special customer requirements, one of a kind products, or very expensive products.

Q+E works with the client and its suppliers to develop statistical sampling plans.  Statistical sampling is preferred if inspection is required to conform to contractual commitments or government regulations.  Statistical sampling involves pulling a sample of items from a homogeneous lot, batch, or shipment.

Statistical sampling inspection is more reliable and effective than 100% inspection in finding defective products but statistical sampling inspection still assumes that some defective parts will slip through the inspection net.

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