Quality Management System and Other Reviews

Quality + Engineering (Q+E) has capabilities to conduct 4 types of audits: risk, system, process, and product.  Q+E developed a trademarked methodology for conducting customer-supplier risk audits.  Q+E systems audit checks internal documentation for ISO 9001 compliance.  Q+E process audit checks the supplier/subsupplier’s cost, quality, delivery, and other critical processes for process stability, capability, and improvement.  Q+E product audit checks the supplied product for conformance to technical standards, performance standards, etc.

Product and process information is necessary for intelligent decision-making.  Product information obtained through sampling, measurement, and testing ensure products comply with specifications.

Q+E can provide clients multiple evaluations to monitor supplier/subsupplier performance and provide input into a supplier certification process, specifically:

+ Process risk assessments
+ ISO 9000 process audits
+ ISO 9000 system audits
+ Product test witnessing
+ Product sample evaluations
+ Process capability analysis
+ Incoming/inprocess/final material inspection
+ First-article inspection
+ Product certification

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