Production Surveillance

Quality + Engineering (Q+E) has extensive experience evaluating production capabilities as well as quality, cost, processes, material handling, and logistics capabilities to ensure that delivery windows will be met.

Q+E works with the client to ensure supplier/subsuppliers are providing quality products.     Q+E reviews supplier processes are controlled and capable, customer requirements are understood and complied with, production schedules are met, and invoicing/payments are compliant.

Q+E works with client to develop most the effective monitoring and surveillance processes of its supplier/subsuppliers.  In some cases, quality audits, witnessing, and other surveillance techniques may be warranted.

For example, quality audits (system, process, product) are one form of surveillance that can be conducted.  Quality audits are an official examination of the quality processes, product, or people to verify effectiveness and compliance to policies, procedures, work instructions, specifications, and so on.  Audits can be performed on a periodic or random basis and can be performed unannounced or upon request.

Q+E has experience using MRP II and ERP systems including SAP modules to determine if supplier/subsuppliers are effectively managing inventory, production, and costing schedules.  If there are variances, Q+E works with the supplier/subsupplier to eliminate bottlenecks, increase flow, and lower costs to ensure just in time delivery.

Our lean cycle time reduction and just-in-time systems are complementary processes that evaluate production schedules, delivery schedules, inventory management, and customer requirements to ensure a seamless and just in time flow of material to the required construction locations.  Q+E looks at the supplier and subsuppliers master and sub-schedules to offer the client increased production flexibility, faster response, and lower overall costs.

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