SCADA, IT and Cyber Security Services

Quality + Engineering (Q+E) provides computer security and information technology assurance services involving protection information and information systems from intrusion, unauthorized access, unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, disruption, or destruction.

Q+E almost exclusively uses engineers, scientists, and technology professionals to secure critical information and ensure the integrity of information.  Q+E has assumed the national lead on advocating that licensed professionals attest to public safety issues.  See QPE Oregon State Cyber Security Legislative Testimony and Due Care.

Q+E provides the following professional engineering services:

+ ITil.
+ ISO 27001 ISMS.
+ SCADA control.
+ IT risk assurance.
+  IT risk management.
+  Internal Verification and Validation.
+ IT audits.
+ Develop security policies and procedures.
+  Asset management.
+ Physical and environmental security.
+ Communications and operations management.
+ Controls (logical, access, physical).
+ Access control.
+ Physical control.
+ Cryptography.
+  Information security incident management.
+  Business continuity management/planning.
+ Regulatory compliance.

Greg Hutchins PE
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