Certified Enterprise Risk Manager® (CERM)


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Quality + Engineering offers the Certified Enterprise Risk Manager® (CERM) certificate program.  Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) also offers the workshops.  Three  integrated risk management workshops are offered:

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) are challenging all organizations.  Every day there seems to be a ‘Black Swan’ event that is occurring.  A ‘Black Swan’ event is a seemingly low likelihood, but high impact, catastrophic event, such as the Gulf oil spill, Toyota recalls, lettuce ecoli, and volcanic eruptions.

(Risk management is now considered a core skill for all professionals as CEO’s spend more time focusing on risk management (See Korn Ferry Survey Results).    Electric power sector  is (see CERM NWPPA article) moving to an ERM model.  Quality and many professions are moving to ERM (See Risk Management and New Paradigm).  Associations are moving to ERM (IEEE Risk Management webinar.  A recent IBM survey concluded:

“Global complexity is the foremost issue confronting these CEOs and their enterprises. The chief executives see a large gap between the level of complexity coming at them and their confidence that their enterprises are equipped to deal with it.”
Source: May 19, 2010, Business Week.

The solution to managing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity is enterprise risk management (ERM).  Harvard Business Review (HBR) offered the following quote:

“I think we now live in an era when many of the concerns in running organizations are being reframed in terms of risk, which suggests that risk professionals are likely to rise to the top.”
Source: October 2009, Harvard Business Review.